Triple Handle Tini
Triple Handle Tini

Triple Handle Tini

Triple Tini arm, allows you to combine three tini (sold separately) to get the fastest underwater scooter available. Up to 2.4 m/s in high speed.


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Expected delivery date : 27/05/2024

Thanks to this innovation, you can now combine three Sublue WhiteShark Tini underwater scooters (sold separately) to create the fastest underwater scooter on the market.

With the Support Triple Tini, you can reach incredible speeds of up to 8.5 km/h in high-speed mode. Explore the ocean depths with unrivalled power and speed, pushing the limits of underwater excitement.

This ingenious stand is specially designed to offer optimum stability when using all three WhiteShark Tini scooters simultaneously. You can easily attach the scooters to the bracket and enjoy a sensational, synchronized riding experience.

Imagine the possibilities with this configuration. You can go on adventures with friends or family, explore coral reefs, observe marine life and experience unforgettable moments, propelled by the combined power of three underwater scooters.

The Triple Tini Support is not only a way to push the limits of underwater speed, it also offers great versatility. You can still use the scooters individually for calmer experiences, or attach them to the bracket when you're looking for a thrill.

Get ready for a whole new dimension of underwater excitement with the Triple Tini Support. Don't miss the chance to experience thrilling adventures by combining three Sublue WhiteShark Tini underwater scooters. Buy now and push the limits of underwater speed!

WhiteShark Tini

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