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The Hagul EZ underwater scooter from Sublue is an innovative product for pool diving. Its ergonomic design with comfortable handle and light weight of 3.5 kg make it easy to use. The built-in lithium battery lasts for up to 50 minutes, and its two-speed adjustable speed makes for a smooth, fast navigation experience. Neutral buoyancy and a safety system guarantee safe diving. Ideal for beginners and experienced swimmers looking to explore their pool safely and easily.


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Expected delivery date : 27/05/2024

Discover the innovative HAGUL EZ underwater scooter from SUBLUE.

The Hagul EZ underwater scooter from Sublue is an innovative product designed for underwater exploration in swimming pools. Featuring an ergonomic, lightweight design, this underwater scooter is easy to transport and operate, offering a pool experience that will make your summer afternoons fun and exciting.

The ergonomic handle has been specially designed to offer a comfortable grip, allowing you to use it for hours without hurting your hands. Weighing just 3.5 kg, you can easily slip it into your travel bag and set off on an adventure.

The Hagul EZ underwater scooter has a built-in lithium battery that lasts up to 50 minutes, so you can explore the ocean depths without interruption. So you can enjoy your scuba diving experience to the full without having to worry about battery life.

This underwater scooter is also equipped with a two-speed adjustable speed system, allowing you to switch speeds between 1.1 m/s and 1.4 m/s (Low 3.9 km/h / High 5 km/h), depending on your preferences and water conditions.

The Hagul EZ features a state-of-the-art motor that delivers powerful, quiet thrust to help you navigate the water smoothly and easily. It can carry up to two people and can reach a maximum speed of 5 km/h in high gear, enabling you to cover long underwater distances quickly.

The neutral buoyancy function ensures that the scooter remains stable and easy to control, even in the strongest currents. What's more, the integrated safety system ensures safe diving by automatically shutting off the engine if necessary.

In short, the Hagul EZ underwater scooter from Sublue is an innovative and practical product that offers a fun and exciting scuba diving experience. With its ergonomic design, long-life battery, two-speed adjustable speed system and state-of-the-art motor, this underwater scooter is the ideal choice for beginners and experienced divers alike looking to explore the ocean depths safely and with ease.

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