Sublue Navbow - underwater scooter
Sublue Navbow - underwater scooter
Sublue Navbow - underwater scooter
Sublue Navbow - underwater scooter
Sublue Navbow - underwater scooter
Sublue Navbow - underwater scooter
Sublue Navbow - underwater scooter
Sublue Navbow - underwater scooter
Sublue Navbow - underwater scooter
Sublue Navbow - underwater scooter
Sublue Navbow - underwater scooter
Sublue Navbow - underwater scooter

Sublue Navbow - underwater scooter

With the Navbow, Sublue has struck a big blow by creating this high-end underwater scooter at an unbeatable price. Its maneuverability and manufacturing quality make it a machine that can be used by everyone: children and adults alike, and this in the sea, in lakes and in swimming pools of all sizes. Easily transportable (3.4kg without the battery) with one hand this underwater propeller can go down to 40 m below the surface (depth reserved for experienced divers or diving clubs). Equipped with an integrated float it also allows the practice of snorkeling on the surface and in shallow depths.

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Essential accessories


Navbow / Swii /WhiteShark Tini Battery

Navbow / Swii /WhiteShark Tini Battery

Quick Charger Navbow /Swii / Tini

Quick Charger Navbow /Swii / Tini

Kit Explorer Navbow

Kit Explorer Navbow


The perfect scooter for diving, water rides and underwater exploration

The Navbow is Sublue's top of the line sea scooter, it won't disappoint you with its 3 speeds that offer incredible gliding sensations. All the swimmers who have tested this model are unanimous, they have never felt this glide in the water without making any effort.

With this device you will travel greater distances underwater, it will allow you to discover incredible underwater depths, you will be able to stay longer underwater because it's the machine that does the work and you can keep your oxygen longer.

The maneuverability of the scooter means that it can be used in large areas such as in the sea or lake, but also in smaller pools. The battery can be changed in less than 1 minute, having several batteries allows the scooter to be used continuously.

Is it difficult to ride an underwater scooter?

You will learn how to play with this underwater scooter in 1 minute. The handles are ergonomic and the access to the buttons and functions of the machine is done with your fingers . Two buttons allow you to accelerate or brake. The navbow allows one-handed piloting, which is very convenient for decompressing underwater.

At what age can you drive an underwater thruster?
It is mandatory to know how to swim if you use the scooter in the open sea, teenagers can use it by themselves, for the youngest it is absolutely necessary to have an adult to supervise.

How deep can we go down?

The navbow thruster can go down to a depth of 40 m, it is for divers and diving clubs. For aquatic excursions or snorkeling you will easily go down to 4/5 meters without forcing, and be able to observe the fish and the flora more closely.

How do you know if you still have battery in the scooter?

It's very easy, the Oled screen shows you the status of the battery, the activated speed and the time of use of the scooter. This allows you to manage the autonomy knowing that the turbo mode which goes faster will drain the battery much faster than the Free mode or the sport mode which is a good compromise. An alert will be displayed when the battery charge drops below 30%.

Can we do underwater photography and videos?

The scooter is equipped with an attachment system for a Gopro type camera. Perfect for vacation memories. For underwater photography professionals, there are many accessories including a support that allows you to fix many cameras on top of the scooter for example: a reflex camera in its waterproof case and LED sublimation projectors very useful from 5 m deep.

How to clean the scooter?

Nothing is easier with the application. Once installed on your smartphone and the connection between the 2 devices you can launch the autowash mode. You will have to leave your scooter in a water tank for a few minutes! So not much to do and this is the advantage of a connected scooter.

Minimum age
486 x 327 x 177 mm
5 Kg
Max speed
7,2 km/h
Max depth
Up to 60 mins
Sound level
60 db
Loading time
Gopro, camera, flash, etc ..
1 year for the scooter and 6 months for the battery
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